This is Roobens…the youngest of the Ulysse brothers. The Ulysse’s are co-founders and instructors at La Reference High School and our CATS Arts and Technical School in Ganthier, Haiti. Roobens graduated high school this past year, where he also studied tuba and was part of the CATS house band. He was just awarded his Visa and, thanks to the generous donation of our Seattle friend, Laura Garris, Shine on Haiti is so happy to help support him going to Brazil. There, he will work as he attends university to become a “Genie” (auto mechanic). He then plans to return home and open a garage and teach, as a part of the CATS technical program.

Here is a letter from him (his English has improved greatly over the past two years!):

“The reason (I write) is to thank you for all that you doing for me, for your support. A long time ago I had dreams to study genie mechanic and now I am done with high school. Haiti is not safe and my parents do not have opportunity to help me with my university. Now that your help just come in, I can go in Brazil to study in university and I can work there to pay it, because I have dreams to be a great man like to help others. I always have volunteer to help by what I can do. Thank you thank you and thank you Shine On Haiti and thank you my friend Laura. May God blessing you more and more and more. And I hope a day God will make me in a way to meet Laura. And that God can help us to all be together. Love you so much.” – Roobens

God bless you Roobens and Laura! If you would like to help sponsor other Haitian children and young adults like Roobens to have a more promising future, please donate here.

“Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.” Proverbs 19:17

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